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How to receive a scholarship in Australia?

If you are an international student looking for a scholarship in Australia, you should know that there are a variety of scholarships available for you.

In this blog I will be discussing how to receive a scholarship in Australia as an international student. Certainly there are many different opportunities for international students in Australia, and I will be going through some of the options below.

Reasons to study in Australia

First things first, one of the most common questions that international students ask themselves is “Why should I study in Australia?” There are many reasons why people choose to study in Australia and each of them has a different answer.

Studying in Australia is a great choice! It’s an english speaking country which helps students improve their language skills.

Australia offers to experience many different cultures in the same country. Moreover It is very attractive for international students.

Excellent education system

There are many reasons to study in Australia! Certainly one of the most important are the country’s multicultural society.

most importantlyAustralia also has an excellent reputation for its hospitality and friendliness.

Australia has an excellent world-class education system. With some of the best universities in the world, such as

University of Melbourne

University of Sydney

Australian National University

Monash University

University of New South Wales

Scholarships in Australia

Getting a scholarship in Australia is not easy. The first thing you should do is research subjects that match your interests and qualifications.

Let me walk you through this…

You can find some by looking through the Australian Government’s website or through Google Scholar which searches the whole web for information about scholarships and prizes.

Apply for as many as possible! There might be one that’s perfect for you out there!

How To Start Preparing Your Scholarship Application 

1. English certificate

Firstly practice and prepare your english proficiency test. You will find lots of english exam practice materials to help you improve your english.


2. Certificates from your previous education

Subsequently make sure all of the documents you need to apply in order before you start. First degreehigh school, diplomas etc.

3.  Letters of recommendation (work and academic)

A recommendation letter provides information about the character, qualities, and accomplishments. Frequently, this letter will be written by a professor or a counsellor.

Nevertheless, relying on the scholarship criteria, an employer or athletic coach may also be suitable. The person should be capable to use their relationship with the candidate to justify their recommendation with specific criteria.

4. Motivational letter for a scholarship 

The motivation letter, you should include all your educational and professional plans with the scholarship you are applying for.

5. Curriculum vitae or resume

This is a vital document that highlights your academic qualifications and achievements. Most importantly when applying for a scholarship, resume works as the first filter, for someone who is reviewing your application in other words, it needs to be powerful and well written.

Searching for Scholarships

Unfortunately there is no one single list of scholarships in Australia. That is to say, you just have to do a lot of manual searching. Certainly there are multiple options and it all depends on different factors and circumstances.

– Nationality: Check for scholarships for students from developing countries.

– A specific interest: like Improve the socio-economic status of Indigenous people.

– Gender-focused: You can do a specific search if this is of interest to you. (Women in Science Scholarship)

Above all check with each individual university for more details.

Best Sites to Hunt for Scholarships

Alerts are a great automatic help. These are some pages where you can create a profile to help you in your search.

Scholarship Portal

Scholarship Owl

Studies in Australia

Australian Government scholarships

In this paragraph, I’m going to discuss a few option. However, there are many other options.

The Australian Government offers scholarships to students who are looking to study in Australia. Most importantly, these are available to domestic and international students.

The majority of international students pay full prices for their studies. On the other hand some scholarships are designed to help with the cost of your education.

– The International Student Start-up Scholarship

The Student Start-up is designed to help students to cover up-front higher education expenses including textbook and equipment costs for more information please visit services Australia.

– The International Postgraduate Research Scholarship

The IPRS covers the annual education fees in a Doctoral or Masters Degree by research in Australia. Most importantly it supports Australia’s research effort.

– Australia Awards Africa Scholarship

The Australian government is committed to the developing communities and sponsors several African students.

Via the Australia Awards, Australia contributes to African leadership and human capacity growth. The program is focussed on agricultural and public policy. For more information please visit Australia Awards Africa.

Student visa

In the same vein, to qualify for a student visa, you must be enrolled in an Australian institution full time. Providers recommend English courses, vocational training and higher education programs.

You can check education providers and registered courses by visiting the official Australian Government website, Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS).

 In conclusion Australia is known as the land of opportunity. However moving to Australia or Down Under can be a challenge and you may have heard mixed experiences. Make sure you are prepared! Here are 11 tips you want to know before you move.

The Aussie slang you need to know

Most importantly learning Australian Slang or Aussie English is essential for anyone thinking about moving to Australia for an extended period.

Moreover Australians are unique in their everyday conversations, with their expressions and even their jokes. Some people consider it part of their national identity. 

If you move Down Under, you don’t want to be lost in conversations! Check our blog. The Aussie slang you need to know.

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