Can I recall money if I have sent it to the wrong mobile number?



Can any mobile phone work with Rocket Remit?

Yes, any phone will work as long as it uses an Australian SIM card with an Australian mobile phone number. Your mobile must also be able to send and receive SMS text messages.

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Can anyone use Rocket Remit?

Absolutely, so long as you have the correct ID and a compatible mobile phone and it can send and receive SMS messages.

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Can I load my Rocket Remit account using my debit or credit card?

Yes – We accept most types of debit and credit cards that are issued by Visa or Mastercard. Load your Rocket Remit account using your credit or debit card and funds are loaded instantly.

Depending on your bank and the type of card, you may be charged a cash advance fee and/or interest by your bank.

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Can I register more than one mobile number with Rocket Remit?

No.  You may only register one Rocket Remit account per customer.  If you need to change your mobile number, please a new Rocket Remit account with your new mobile number and send an email with your details to hello@rocketremit.com.

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Can I recall money if I have sent it to the wrong mobile number?

No. Once you confirm the transfer and we have sent a confirmation SMS, funds cannot be reversed. In some cases, it may be possible to request a recall or reversal but in most cases, these requests are unsuccessful (as funds have already been cashed out).

To request a transaction reversal please immediately contact hello@rocketremit.com. Please include your name, mobile number, date and time of the transaction, the transaction reference number and the reason for the reversal.

A $25 admin fee applies to all reversal requests and applies even if the reversal is unsuccessful. The admin fee will be deducted from your Rocket Remit account so you will be required to have these funds in your account before the reversal request can be processed.

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Can I withdraw money from my Rocket Remit account?

Yes.  Money can only be withdrawn if you have loaded it from your bank account.

A $50 admin fee applies to all withdrawal requests. Please allow between 10-15 business days for the withdrawal to be processed.

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Do I need a credit card to use Rocket Remit?

No credit cards are required to set up or use your Rocket Remit account. You can load your account via bank transfer.

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Do I need a Smartphone to use Rocket Remit?

No. If you don’t have a smartphone, you can still login to your account and send money by visiting our website at www.rocketremit.com. However we do have a smartphone app.  To download our app, you will need an iOS or Android smartphone.

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How can I check what payments I have made?

All transactions are listed online in your Rocket Remit account. To view your transaction history, just login to your Dashboard and click on the History button.

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How do I load my Rocket Remit account?

You can load your Rocket Remit account using your Credit or Debit card or Internet Banking.

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How do I check my Rocket Remit account balance?

Simply check your Rocket Remit account balance online or via our app. Login to your account and the balance will be displayed on your Rocket Remit Dashboard. You can also TXT the word “BALANCE” to 0488 762 538 (0488 ROCKET) and you will receive an SMS with your Rocket Remit account balance.

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How do I send money?

You can send money using our Rocket Remit app or online.

To send online, log in to your Rocket Remit Dashboard and select the Send option.  Enter the money transfer details for the beneficiary or select from a previous beneficiary. You will receive an SMS containing a one-time code. Reply with the on-time code to authorise the payment. You will receive an SMS confirmation with your transaction reference number.

To send via our app, download our app and select the Send option. Follow the same steps as above.

For more detail or for information on how to send money online see How It Works.

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How does the recipient get my payment?

The overseas recipient must be registered with a compatible m-wallet or e-wallet operator in a supported country. Payments will be automatically credited to their m-wallet or e-wallet account once you confirm the payment by replying with the correct one-time authorisation code. They will also receive a notification from their provider the moment they receive a payment from you (usually an SMS). They can access funds according to the services available to them from their m-wallet or e-wallet provider such cash-out facilities at agents.

See How It Works for more details.

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How long does it take for money to appear in my Rocket Remit account?

Transfers from your bank account to your Rocket Remit account vary and can take between one and two business days depending on your bank.  Sometimes however, the transfer can be much faster and even instant but this depends on your bank, the method of bank transfer and when (day and time) you do the transfer.  For faster account loading we suggest you use the Card option.

If you load your account after 6pm on a Friday via bank transfer, depending on your bank, funds may not be reflected until the following business day (Monday).

If funds are not reflected in your Rocket Remit account after two business days, please contact hello@rocketremit.com.

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How much does it cost to send money?

Rocket Remit has very low fees.  In some cases, there are NO FEES for sending money.  When a fee applies, it ranges from ZERO to $5 depending on the currency and receiving country.

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How much money can I send?

You can send between $25 and $1000 per transaction ($1005 including the $5 fee if it applies). There is also a maximum daily limit of $2000. There are also limits on how much money can be sent per month.

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How quickly is money sent?

Once you authorise the overseas payment, the recipient should receive the funds straight away. However, sometimes delays in mobile phone networks mean that sometimes SMS messages could be slightly delayed.

If you have not received an SMS reply or confirmation within 30 minutes, please contact hello@rocketremit.com.

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I did not receive a payment confirmation.

You should check your Rocket Remit transaction history online to make sure that the payment has registered on your account. If so, email hello@rocketremit.com and include your mobile number, the mobile number of the person sending or receiving the payment, the amount, approximate date/time of the payment, and your mobile network name.

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I transferred money from my bank to Rocket Remit, and it hasn’t shown up yet?

Unfortunately, no all transfers from your bank account to us are instant!  This is because of bank transfer delays within the Australian banking system. Normally funds are received the same business day but sometimes they can be delayed. This could happen for one of three reasons:

1. You have made the transfer after bank cut-off times (usually around 6 pm on a business day).
2. Public holidays may delay the processing of transactions by one day.
3. Rocket Remit may have received your money but is unable to determine which Rocket Remit account to deposit it into.

If after 2 business days funds have not appeared in your Rocket Remit account, please contact Rocket Remit support at hello@rocketremit.com.  Please include your full name, your mobile number, the date of the transfer, the amount of the transfer, the contents of the description or reference field, the BSB and account number of the bank account from which the money was transferred.

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If I want to receive money what do I need to do?

To receive the money you will need to be in one of the country’s we support. You will also need to have a mobile money account with our partner in that country. Your sender in Australia will need to be registered with Rocket Remit.

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Is there a daily transaction limit?

There is a maximum daily transaction limit of $2000. This is a cumulative daily total and re-sets at midnight AEST.  The minimum send amount is $25.

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Is there a limit to the amount of money that I can keep in my Rocket Remit account?

Your Rocket Remit account balance must not exceed $1000. If you exceed this limit, your Rocket Remit account may be automatically suspended. If this occurs contact hello@rocketremit.com.

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What are the send and receive limits when sending money?

There are different limits on how much money you can send to recipients overseas. The minimum amount you can send is $25.  The receive limits vary depending on the country and the receiving mobile money operator.  They are quite complicated and too complex to publish here.  It is unlikely that you will ever reach these transaction limits. However, if you are receiving an error message about reaching a transaction limit, please contact hello@rocketremit.com with the transaction details and we will provide more information.

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What countries can I send money to?

Rocket Remit allows sending of money to a selected number of overseas countries only. Use the country selector to choose the country. To receive funds, the recipient must be registered with a compatible m-wallet or e-wallet operator in one of these countries.

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For more help please contact hello@rocketremit.com.