The fastest money transfer to Nigeria

The fastest way to transfer money to the Access Bank of Nigeria

Rocket Remit is a fast, low-cost and secure way to transfer money from Australia to Nigeria.  We take the safety of your money very seriously. That’s why our security team works 24/7, ensuring your money transfer to Nigeria reaches the right hands.

Whether you are sending money to Nigeria for friends, family, charity, social or religious reasons, or just to help out, you can trust Rocket Remit to transfer your money from Australia to Nigeria quickly, safely and reliably.

Rocket Remit has very low fees so more money arrives for your loved ones.

Receiving Operators in Nigeria

From Lagos to Abuja and Sokoto to Calabar we have all of Nigeria covered

We transfer money instantly to Access Bank of Nigeria bank accounts which means you can send money across the whole of Nigeria. We are the fast and secure money transfer service that will allow you to send money to Access Bank of Nigeria.

Send money to Access Bank of Nigeria

Rocket Remit is a service making it easy to send money from Australia to Nigeria.  You can send money directly to any Access Bank of Nigeria account using the world’s fastest way to move funds across the globe.

Get your finances up and running by sending money quickly and safely. It couldn’t be easier!

You will need to know the beneficiary details including their name, mobile number, address and bank account number.

How does it work for the recipient in Nigeria?

To receive money, the beneficiary will need to have a bank account with Access Bank of Nigeria or with one of our other supported banks.

Rocket Remit is the fast and secure money transfer service that will allow you send the perfect gift, pay a utility bill, or just stay connected with your loved ones.

Bank transfer is instant from Australia to Nigeria

The beneficiary will receive money instantly in their bank account.  Once received they will be able to use the money instantly to make payments, transfers or cash withdrawals by visiting a branch or ATM.

For more information on Access Bank of Nigeria click here

For more information on how to use Rocket Remit click here.



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