Sendem mane onlaen long Vanuatu

Kwik fasin blong transferem mane long Australia i ko long Vanuatu

Rocket Remit emi isi, ariap mo i jip blong sendem mane long Australia i ko long Vanuatu.

Sipos yu sendem mane i ko long Vanuatu long ol fren, famili, jariti, sosel, relijen grup o blong elp, yu save trastem Rocket Remit blong transferem mane blong yu long Australia i ko long Vanuatu from emi kwik, sef mo reliabol.


Receiving Operators in Vanuatu

Long Port-Vila kasem Luganville mo Norsup kasem Port-Olry, seves blong mifala i kavaremap Vanuatu.

Rocket Remit bae emi alawem blo kasem mane eni ples long Vanuatu. Mifala i transferem mane i ko long Vodafone M-Vatu mobile money o MyCash mobael mane.

I minim se yu save sendem mane long ful Vanuatu. Usum blong pem bil, pem top up o kasemaot mane long eni Vodafone M-Vatu MyCash ejen.

Sendem mani long Vodafone M-Vatu o Digicel MyCash mobael mane long Vanuatu

Risiva emi no nidim wan bank akaon blong risivim mani. Hemi simpol nomo! Blong risivim mane, risiva hemi nid blong kat wan aktif Vodafone M-Vatu mobile money o Digicel MyCash mobile money akaon.

Olsem wanem nao yu save kasem mane blong yu tru long M-Vatu o MyCash Mobael Mane long Vanuatu?

Famili o fren we bambai emi risivim mane long Vanuatu, bambae emi mas kat wan aktiv Vodafone M-Vatu or Digicel MyCash akaon. Famili mo fren blong yu bae emi risivim wan SMS taem emi kasem mane.

Bae oli enterem wan akses cod blong luk balans blong mane we emi stap long akaon mo save usum mane ia. Wan menu bae emi kamaot mo bae emi alaoem kastoma blong pem bil, mekem peimen, karemaot mani o pem credit stret long Vodafone M-Vatu o  Digicel MyCash akaon blong olgeta.

I no kat taem limit blong olgeta oli usum mane, mane bai emi stap nomo long mobael wallet kasem taem we bae kastoma i wantem usumaot mane. Oli save jekem balens blong olgeta eni taem.

Yu save sendem mane o credit i ko long wan nara aktif Vodafone o Digicel mobael fone.

Klikim (long ples ia ) here blong kat moa info long Vodafone M-Vatu.

Klikim (long ples ia) here blong kat moa info long Digicel MyCash.

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